“Ummm how are those two topics related?” you might ask, my answer is “hmmm, good question” haha. Annyways, I thought its time to speed up my upload schedule, so expect more posts from me in the near future.

For many people these topics are naturally related, the virus and economic insecurity. However for me, economic insecurity came long before the coronavirus. It was partly why I started this blog! This is a long story, so I don’t think I will go through it today haha, I will only describe certain aspects of it.

During this time of crisis a lot of people lose their income, they are at the mercy of how the leaders of the country handles it. And I just want to say my heart goes out to people in America, the response there has been atrocious. But there are also many other countries struggling, for example Italy. What do we do in this trying times? I certainly don’t know… I am privileged enough to wear this does not affect me very much personally, but it has got my my thoughts spinning around economic security. I’m sure if this is the case for many other people too!

money is like a curse that everybody has to take part of and everybody seems to superficially love but in reality it’s quite destructive to our health. Some people are more victim to being consumed by money than others, I for example, have been struggling with the prospect of earning money and what I’m going to do with my economy when I grow up. Well now that I’m sort of grown up I’m still quite unsure…

You see, I dropped out of high School actually because I was struggling with mental illness. I could not bear the thought of working a normal job, I just don’t work like that! I actually have multiple diagnosises (supposed to be plural haha) that help explain why I am this way, I could go into them in another post if it was of interest. So my situation right now is that I don’t really know what my economic future looks like…I really hope in the future I can earn some money from this blog or some other projects I have, that’s my dream! Though right now I’m struggling with motivation 🤕 (haha). I don’t know why I felt like making this blog post, or why I made it the way I did… But I hope that it give some of you, the readers, a feeling of being understood. Or at least a feeling of relatebility.

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I am a 19 years old boy from Norway. I started this blog because the idea of being able to earn money in such a flexible way, where I also get to express yourself sounded wonderfull. I want this blog to be a place where I can express my feelings and give guidance to people where they might be able to learn from some of the mistakes I have made, haha. I am just getting started as I'm writing this though I am extremely bad currently, I wish to improve! personally, I am a very silly and idealistic person, who has had my fair share of mental problems throughout my life. I love talking and being in contact with people, so if you want to contact me feel free to do so. you can find places to contact me on my site (I can also just put my email right here haha; martin@plenger.blog)

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