So, after a month of laziness and insecurities about my life situasions, I finally managed to finish and publish the post about video game addiction. I expected to get 2 or 3 views from my persistent viewers and then maybe a few more after a couple of days. However, when I went into my account expecting nothing impressive just to look at the statistics I was shocked to find out that I’ve already got in 40 views in 1 day. the day after ofcourse was just 1 or 2 views, but the 40 spontaneous views really surprised me! the great thing about it is that they were from a really diverse selection of countries. They where from Norway, Pakistan, United States, Slovenia and Vietnam. I know that some of them where from my parents since I showed them my blog yesterday, but I’m still impressed.

This will keep me motivated to make more blogs, so if you have any suggestions, then I would be happy to hear.


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I am a 19 years old boy from Norway. I started this blog because the idea of being able to earn money in such a flexible way, where I also get to express yourself sounded wonderfull. I want this blog to be a place where I can express my feelings and give guidance to people where they might be able to learn from some of the mistakes I have made, haha. I am just getting started as I'm writing this though I am extremely bad currently, I wish to improve! personally, I am a very silly and idealistic person, who has had my fair share of mental problems throughout my life. I love talking and being in contact with people, so if you want to contact me feel free to do so. you can find places to contact me on my site (I can also just put my email right here haha;

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