This is yet another recommended by someone in the comment section. This time it’s about video game addiction, specifically; how to deal with video game addiction in children.

I will be taking this topic in two ways. One will be about children in specific, at first I will talk about video game addiction in general.

I have played video games ever since I was a kid. I actually used to sit on the lap of my dad while he was playing a game, I was watching, and we were having a very fun time together. I was fascinated by it and we have good memories from it, we still have a few inside jokes from the time, sepessially about the ways he tried to make the games see more innocent, since I was so young. Though in reality the game was about demonic creatures fighting humans and monsters, with the intent get to the overworld and (I assume) take over humanity, haha (dungeon keeper 2).

My point is that if you think I am going to to condemn or talk negatively or at least overwhelmingly negatively about video games, you are wrong. I want to inform about a serious topic that is plauging an industry that I think has so much potential.

It is nearly impossible to talk about video game addiction without touching on general addiction to. Addiction ruin many people’s lives and it’s a pretty abusive part of our human nature, so this is a pretty serious topic.

Video game addiction in general

The point of videogames is to entertain, first of all. It’s like a movie, except you interact with it. They have had an exceptional growth over the last decades, it’s a relatively new industry, yet, it has a larger economy than the entirety of the movie industry.

Video games are a fantastic tool that has been used to treat mental illness, ADHD, making training programs for difrent professions, further our computational power and techniques and given billions of people incredible experiences.

However, I would not be writing this if that was all there is to it… Video games has a bad side too, the addiction.

The video game industry is an industry just like any other in the sense that it needs money. Some developers take this to the extreme, they designed a manipulative game mechanics to make you crave more. And some games are just so fun that you want to come back to them all the time. I will be talking about what causes people to get addicted, on a pure practical level.

Well it’s not that easy, anyone can pretty much be addicted to anything! However, there are certain life situations which make people more prone to unhealthy addictions. For example; if someone is dissatisfied with their life situation or feel at general underlying stress about their life, then they might turn to video games to get an escape from this reality, though they might also turn to for example: movies, alcohol, drugs, being with Friends, eating, travelling, exercising… Pretty much anything, as long as it serves as an escape.

Another example other things that make people prone to addiction is; if there is something you just really enjoy, you think about it alot and it almost becomes a part of your personality, that is a sign of addiction.

So, now that I have described addiction in general, I want to tackle the actual issue that was presented to me; videogame addiction in children

I am scared that I will missrepresent what I’m going to say about this, because video games has done a lot of great things for me. They have also given me some wonderful experiences. Therefore I don’t want to trash them haha. However, I have been suffering from addiction a lot of my life, so this is something I am quite familiar with.

So, the way you stop video game addiction in children, or at least one of the ways is:

give them something in reality to focus on and engagement were they have to focus on their real life environment and view the whole picture instead of only getting sucked into a video game. It is ok if they play a lot of video games, but when it gets to this stage of addiction, which is when it negatively affects other things and it become difficult for them to control their habits, then you should try to limit it.

Another way of stopping videogame addiction is to just completely disconnect from the videogame, imagein that anny thoughts you have about them is an evil invader in your brain, and must be stopped at all cost. This sounds rediciolous but it actually trains you to censor out the videogame from your thoughts, thus fighting the addiction!

This topic was recommended to me by Zadi, you can see her in the comment section in some of my blogs, she is one of the persistent readers and I really appreciate that!


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