Well, I’m finally back again.  There has been a lot happening behind the scenes. In the next few days, a lot will happen to this blog!  Well let’s start from the top:

 the first thing that happened is that I find legal to suggestions on what the next blog post should be about, which I am super excited about! The two people who suggested it to me,  or someone I have had a bit of contact within comment sections in their own blog. The first blog post I will write will be about nature, I haven’t decided what specifically yet, though. 
The second one will be about how you can stop video game addiction in Minors and young people. If you want to see the conversation you can go to the blog they commented in here; https://plenger.blog/2020/01/26/the-next-blog-post/

the next big thing that happened, is that I will get a new website. You will still find me here at the same location it’s just that the website itself will be different, I’m very excited to see how it turns out!
However, here is yet another thing that will happen; I will get some new logos and profile pictures. As you can understand I have invested quite a bit of money recently in his website, hopefully, someday it will pay off. The most important part is that I am proud of this so it’s very important for me regardless of whether I can earn money or not, and that is that I am content with what I’ve created. Note though, I’m not taking away credit from the wonderful artists who help me, you will see the work of them soon. I actually found them on Fiverr, a website I will be using a lot more in the future (when I have the money to be able to do it). 


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I am a 19 years old boy from Norway. I started this blog because the idea of being able to earn money in such a flexible way, where I also get to express yourself sounded wonderfull. I want this blog to be a place where I can express my feelings and give guidance to people where they might be able to learn from some of the mistakes I have made, haha. I am just getting started as I'm writing this though I am extremely bad currently, I wish to improve! personally, I am a very silly and idealistic person, who has had my fair share of mental problems throughout my life. I love talking and being in contact with people, so if you want to contact me feel free to do so. you can find places to contact me on my site (I can also just put my email right here haha; martin@plenger.blog)

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