hey, I’m finally using a keyboard to type again! well, I’m testing out my new laptop, which was what inspired me to make this post.
I’m sure you have been in this dilemma before… and I hope I can help you with this opinion piece/guide.
let’s get into it!

I am currently typing on a new laptop I paid 1880 us dollars for (it actually cost 2322 us dollars new, but I got it at 15% sale). earlier in my life I mostly owned laptops worth around 800 us dollars, which I used for many years both in and out of school (and some PC’s that the school owned, which were very cheap, low quality and worn).
because of this, I feel like I can give some advice on this topic. now, I’m not going to talk about other categories or types of products, as that would be too vast for now.

Low price:

well, the main advantage of a low price laptop is that… its low price, haha. that’s the main advantage, but sometimes they can have plenty of quality! the most important thing is to find out what you need, then look at reviews for that type of laptop (for example; blogger, video editing, gaming, school). it’s also important to see what they have nearby, or else you might need to pay for shipping as well.
if you are going to buy something cheap you can also upgrade more often, which can be exciting if you like that kind of thing! then you also get to experience advances in; technology, the manufacturing process, specifications and maybe even new types of laptops that did not exist a few years ago (or wherein an early stage), for example; Chromebooks and 2 in 1’s like I am typing on right now!

high price:

the advantage of high price laptops is that you get so much! it feels awesome to open and use a high-end product. they will probably last you for a long time, and make you a bit more effective due to the possibility of focusing more money on functionality and ergonomics is there! you will most likely have a smooth experience, with high-end components.be careful, however, as damaging it can be expensive, thievery is more common and expensive PC’s are usually more specialized, so you need to be extra careful about buying the right type of laptop.

well, this concludes this post, quite a short one, but hey!…… um anyway…
hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions or suggestions then it would be super sweet if you commented!

one last thing; tell me in the comments if you want me to update this post to include;

  • what computer I have (it would fall under the “high price” category in this post)
  • what high price laptop I suggests
  • what low price laptop I suggest
  • maybe a medium price laptop too, though what I covered in this post is very broad


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