Wouldn’t it be practical if you could just speak to your computer and it would write what you were saying. Well today I will be showing you some software that can do just that! one that’s free and one that has a pretty steep price.

 I personally love this type of software,  I have try to use it for as long as I knew about it, I remember the first time I experienced it more seriously (well I had experienced it before that as well but that was mostly through software like siri or fancy technology that is mostly there for showcase, not necessarily to write).  The first time I got a knack for using them was on my Samsung Galaxy S8.  I remember being able to write notes to myself with questionable accuracy I just felt so cool and it actually helped a lot.  Now that I’ve gotten a new  Huawei p30 Pro which are some very good voice recognition software and microphone (and better\newer technology),  I am able to reliably talk to my phone much more than with my Samsung Galaxy S8. 

However, it might surprise you to know no that I am writing all of this with my voice. It’s actually very comfortable though you need to be a quick thinker because you need to structure your sentences correctly so that they sound good on paper and you need to be clear and if you mess up  then you need to find a quick recovery without starting to stutter or repeating yourself. 

 Well, to be honest; I am using the keyboard a little bit to type certain special characters and to correct some grammatical mistakes and also some general mistakes where I have to redo it. It but for the most part this is a very fluid experience and I am extremely impressed with this program.

I am starting to notice this post is quite different than the usual posts on my blog. This is more like an essay… I don’t mind it to be honest.

 What do you need  to be able to to type with your voice

 well in reality you just need your phone. I don’t know too much about iPhone but I’m sure Siri could help you type or you could find some sort of built-in software that can make you type with your voice (when I say type with your voice, what I actually mean is the ability to speak with your voice into a microphone and then have a software on your computer to convert that audio into text).

 But I know that for sure on Android phones you certainly can find a speech to text software pre-installed.  For example on your keyboard you have a little microphone that you could tap, when you do so, your keyboard will be switched with a microphone that when it is lighting green you can talk to it and it will right what you’re saying to it.  You could also use Google assistant. 
The problem with these two alternatives is that if you  start saying something and then you stop to think about how you should continue the sentence or you get distracted it will stop listening and you have to reactivate it in Google’s case,  when you’re reactivate it,  for example in Google Translate or the search function that assistant has,  it will delete everything that you said before it because it assumes that you are trying to translate or searching for something else but I’m sure there is a way to make it specifically write a note.  But I don’t know if the problem of having to reactivate it all the time still persists. When you reactivate it you get stressed because you don’t want it to turn off again so you need to start talking quickly and if you have to start all over again in the middle of a sentence it might be difficult for it to understand what you’re saying because you will not form a proper sentence with your words (because only want to finish the sentence you already started earlier).  That is why I recommend doing some research first. If you’re curious about what I’m using right now; I am using a program called SpeechTexter on windows 10. 
You can also get this app on your phone but I don’t know how good it is there…  Because right now I am talking using a studio microphone and I don’t know if the lower quality of a phone microphone will affect the accuracy or how much it will affect the accuracy.
But I am telling you that this, what I’m doing right now, is a wonderful experience the only thing that’s bothering me it’s the bad habit of stressing to finish your sentence that I got from using the built-in speech to text program on my phone phone the one default in Android.

 If you got money to spend then I would recommend Dragon professional individual. It costs $200, so the price tag is really steep. However, dragon professional individual has so much flexibility and so many functions, it’s got the number one or number two spot on most lift about the best speech to text programs. You can go read about it in the link I will put an additional link at the bottom of this paragraph so it’s easier for you to find it. 
It and no, sadly I’m not getting paid for it click, so don’t worry haha. And yes, I just said  “haha” into the microphone.

here is the one I recomend if you have alot of money to spend on this:

here is the one I used:

windows actually has built in voice recognition software as well. to activate it, just click where you want to write, then hold the windows logo button and press the letter H simultaneously.
If this explanation was not good enough then you can search it in the Google search engine:

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